W-1 Hand Press Button Cover Die & Hole Cutter (Heavy) #30 (3/4”)
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Use this die set with the C.S. Osborne W-1 Hand Press (sold separately) to create custom, fabric-covered buttons for upholstery projects. This die set is for size 30 (3/4") buttons and is designed to be used on heavyweight fabrics such as vinyl. With these dies, you can cut a perfectly sized circle of fabric and then wrap the fabric around the button form quickly and easily. The hole cutter in this set cuts fabric disks that are 1-1/4” in diameter.

This die set is not recommended for cutting lighter fabrics. To cut lighter home décor fabrics, use the W-1 Hand Press Button Cover Die & Hole Cutter (Standard) #30 (3/4”) (#121392).

To use, first use the cutting die in conjunction with the nylon cutting block (included with the hand press) to cut a fabric circle. Then install the die with the spring in the bottom of the tool and set the button back inside with the inside of the button facing up. Holding the top die in your hand, press the fabric decorative side down into the concave portion of the die. Place the button top on top of the fabric, concave side up, and use the dowel to firmly press the assembly into the die. Turn the top die upside down and mate it on top of the bottom die. Firmly depress the lever and you’ll have a finished button.

Please Note: This set contains two #30 upholstery button setting dies, a cutting die and a dowel. The W-1 Hand Press is required for use with this set and is sold separately.

Optimal Fabric Thickness Recommendations for Die Set

Minimum Fabric Thickness: 0.030"

Maximum Fabric Thickness: 0.043"

Please Note: These thickness recommendations produced the best setting results. Anything outside these measurements did not work with 100 percent success.


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Brand: C.S. Osborne


Demo of CS Osborne W-1 Hand Press

How to Make Fabric Covered Buttons


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Joshua Karp
Verified Purchase

Works with vinyl

I had bought a cheap press that came with die’s from another vendor but the the die did not work with vinyl. This die was perfect and made perfect buttons. Expensive but needed over 200 buttons so still saved money in the long run.!

Carlos Pirir
Verified Purchase

Soy tapicero, estoy satisfecho con mi nueva herramienta , la recomiendo si alguien más está buscando uno de éstos sets para hacer botones número 30.

Creative Canvas
Verified Purchase

Adapted well to my 1930's vintage button machine, did the job perfect!

Pierre-Yves Saumont
Verified Purchase

Makes fabricating DuraSnap...a snap

Excellent tool, quite expensive but absolutely necessary. Note that for DuraSnap, one should experiment with various level of pression because too much pression will cut through the fabric and not enough pression will result in the plastic washer protruding from the button. The difference between too much and not enough pression is very minimal and highly dependent upon the fabric quality. With some multilayer fabrics it is advisable to make various tries, possibly peeling some layers. I use a three layer vinyl/foam/felt fabric and the best result was obtained by peeling half of the felt layer (which was easy)

Verified Purchase

Great value

Great value

Donald Muggridge
Verified Purchase

The button maker works wonderfully but the circle cutter was not big enough for the material that I had. I cut my own and it worked great

Verified Purchase

Button press cover die works great but the material hole cutter does not.

Aj Juarez
Verified Purchase

Worked as needed. Needed for extra thick fabric

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