Markwell® MPL4M Stapler With High Rise Clincher is a heavy gauge, hardened steel industrial quality manual stapler with epoxy coating. Stapler is extremely lightweight - less than one pound! Designed for continuous heavy duty operation. Opens for tacking uses. Easy top staple loading. Markwell Stapler features high rise clincher for stapling over boltropes, rolled material and ridges. Accepts only Markwell P4 Series fine wire staples up to 3/8".


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Brand: Markwell



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0 Reviews
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Marnie Jenkins
Verified Purchase

Great for working on UV covers.

michael olynyk
Verified Purchase

No problems

It works like it’s supposed to.

Virginia Clinton

Excellent heavy-duty stapler

I do a wide variety of crafts. Recently after struggling unsuccessfully to staple two layers of corrugated cardboard while reconstructing heavy shipping boxes into storage containers, I decided to order one of these staplers. SailRite is my go to store for these kind of tools, so I didn't bother to do any comparison shopping. I was able to staple heavy weight cardboard, despite a touch of arthritis in my dominant hand. This has become a go-to tool for many of my craft and household projects.


A lot of bucks, but worth it

I use this stapler on every project. It has never failed to produce excellent results. It reaches over bulky matter at the edge, like when sewing cord into an awning. Use only the Markwell staples sold by SailRite. Other do not work. I would have given it 5 stars except for the high price.

Ron Bath

Less than satisfactory

I didn't write this review until I was asked to do so by Sailrite, so here it is. This stapler has never worked properly from the first day i got it. It puts out about 5-7 staples and then jams. It doesn't make any difference which size staples are used, it just simply doesn't work well. I have taken it totally apart four separate times and have even tried to hone or polish some of the internal working parts to make it feed better with no success. I have purchased a lot of things from Sailrite and other than this stapler they have all been first class. But as far as this goes, don't waste your money. It is expensive and doesn't work very well.

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