Spinnaker Sock Kit 33' 1" to 36'
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Sew it yourself! Spinnaker Sock Kit 33'1" to 36' lets you make your own spinnaker sleeve. Spinnaker socks are popular with both cruising and racing sailors because they make setting and dousing a spinnaker easy, as well as protect your valuable sail investment. Widely used by both cruising and racing sailors, a spinnaker sock is a tapered sleeve generally made from a light, breathable polyester mesh. The Sailrite® Spinnaker Sock Kit features a white sock with a colored exterior pocket (pocket color varies) to indicate any twist in the sock. A continuous line is run through the pocket to raise and lower it, as well as keeping the lines from getting tangled in the chute.

Sailrite’s tapered spinnaker sock design is extremely effective and easy to make. This Spinnaker Sock Kit can be made on a home sewing machine. Scissors and a hotknife, wood burning tool or other tool for sealing openings will also be needed to complete the kit.

Please Note: This Spinnaker Sock Kit is for SLE (spinnaker leech length) of 33'1"-36'.

Ordering Information: For spinnakers, select the sock size based on the sail's SLE — spinnaker leech length.

Kit Includes:

  • 12 yds. Ripstop Nylon Fabric (color varies)
  • 12 yds. White Mesh
  • 1 yd. White Dacron® Sailcloth
  • Seamstick 1/4" Basting Tape
  • 37 ft. Teal Regatta Lite Single Braid 1/4" (6mm) Polypropylene Rope
  • 47 ft. Yellow Regatta Lite Single Braid 3/8" (10mm) Polypropylene Rope
  • 6 ft. White Dacron® Leechline
  • 5 ft. 2" Seat Belt Webbing
  • 2 ft. 1" Webbing
  • 6 ft. White Dacron® 2" Tape (Not Adhesive Backed)
  • 1 ft. 1" Loop
  • 1 ft. 1" Hook
  • 1 12" Stainless Steel Hoop
  • Cone White UV Polyester Thread
  • 1 #17 Hand Sewing Needle
  • 1 Waxed Bobbin 5-ply Twine
  • 1 Harken® 092 Cheek Bullet Block
  • 1 Strop for Spinnaker Sock Kits
  • 1 Sailrite® Adhesive Backed Logo
  • 1 Set of Detailed Instructions


  • White polyester mesh fabric allows sail to dry when stored
  • Reinforced wear points
  • Colorful exterior pocket visually indicates twists in sock
  • Stainless steel hoop holds bottom of sock open when raising or lowering
  • Control line attaches to rope harness, which attaches to hoop
  • Harken block at top of sock allows line to run smoothly
  • Wire pennant with head swivel keeps sock from interfering with sail shape
  • Kink-free 3/8” control line
  • Exterior nylon pocket holds single continuous control line to eliminate fouling and keep the line of contact with the sail


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jack Martin
Verified Purchase

Spinnaker sock made up

Delivery was half way around the world and was super quick.


Spinnaker sock easy as pie!

I've had experience with 3 other Sailrite kits in the past. A storm sail and two jibs for 30' boats. So I have experience with assembly using the LSZ-1 sewing machine. All this to say that I don't really think anyone should shy away from attempting this kit. The instructions are really clear and customer support is always there. It wasn't hard at all. I appreciated the quality of the materials - typical Sailrite. Two caveats ... you will need a floor space to lay everything out several times during the assembly. (All the sewing can be done at home in a modest room.) My church hall was used ... now I have to take the church clerk out for a sail! And secondly, you will need to have a way of drawing a straight line for cutting that's the length of your project. I used a string with chalk - look in your toolkit! Lastly, the boat just went in the water today for the season so I'll have to return to report on how easy this thing works for our use of the gennaker. I expect it to be so much easier than the old way. It may get a 5 star rating after that ... here's hoping!

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