This is a Sliding Side Mount that is used to give a 1" stand-off from the tubing it is mounting on. It comes with two set screws installed on the slide and a Phillips head bolt with nylon washers at the end of the stand-off projection post. Made of cast 316 stainless steel and polished to a marine bright finish, this fitting is compatible with standard marine end fittings and 1" tubing. With a 1-inch projection post length, this mount provides the stand-off space for a grab rail with cloth behind it or enough room for bimini frames to work properly. The range of uses is extensive: grab rails, tensioning and support struts, solar panels, fold away cutting boards, electronics pads, antennae, awnings, and so much more.

Pro Tip: For use with tubing that can be easily unmounted. If the tubing is welded or otherwise secured so it cannot be removed easily, a Hinged Jaw Slide will be needed.


Sale Unit: EA
Color: Silver
Brand: Gemini
Hardware Material: Metal, Stainless Steel (All Types), Stainless Steel Grade 316
Tubing Size: 1 inch
Head Bolt: Phillips Panhead 6mm - 1.0 x 20mm
Post Length: 1 inch, without head bolt


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Jawslides - Sliding, Hinged (Split) & Side Mounted

Common jaw slides and more exotic types which are hinged or split so they fit on the rail without disassembling the frame. Included are side mount jaw slides which provide a stand-off space for obstacles or as used in a grab rail.


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