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Palm Adjustable Right Hand – William Smith & Sons is an excellent quality sailmaker’s palm. Handcrafted in England, this seaming and roping palm is made for long lasting wear and comfort. Easily adjustable with a buckle strap, this sailmaker’s palm also features a large metal thrusting base with a brass cap and molded rawhide palm protection. A thumb shield protects the thumb when roping (twine wrapped and pulled hard over the thumb).

To use, position the dull end of the needle in one of the divots in the thimble. Hold the needle as straight as possible and use the palm of your hand to drive the needle through thick assemblies of canvas or sailcloth. Wrap the twine around your protected thumb to pull taut.

Sailmaking or canvas palm is available in right and left-handed versions. Choose the palm for your dominant hand. This is a right-handed palm.


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john worlein
Verified Purchase

Great value and service

Very well designed and constructed of the right materials, the price was right and the service was terrific! Will buy from Sailrite again.

Stephen Mercer
Verified Purchase

My inherited palm (70 years old ) disintegrated after years of use, so purchased this as a replacement. A bit stiffer than the old one, but I’m sure it will become more supple as it ages. my son will get back to you in 70 years to let you know how it’s held up.

Malcolm John HOPKER
Verified Purchase

Beautifully made. Durable, strong and good-looking

Rick Bisgyer
Verified Purchase

A good palm at a realistic price

This palm has a wide range of adjustment but is quite uncomfortable until one scrapes a rigging knife over the inside edges of the leather to taper it to the contours of the human hand. Once broken in in this manner it is a very serviceable palm with a good plate and ample stiffness.

Verified Purchase

A lifetime tool.

The palm is substantial, and well made. It should last a lifetime.

Michael Vorwerk
Verified Purchase

This is really nicely made. Had to take a sharp knife and trim the sharp corners off the leather before use. Great Palm, and made in England, not Asia.

Thomas Curren
Verified Purchase


Excellent! Thank you!

Verified Purchase

Well made!

I have begun the process of conditioning the leather because this palm is made of good strong leather with a stitched in rawhide guard and of course, the metal plate. But it is stiff and needs to be worked a bit. I am a woman and have slender hands so I am going to need to punch an extra hole to make it fit more snugly on my hand. It appears to be well made.

Jorgen F
Verified Purchase

The Right Stuff

Excellent workmanship. Thank you.

John Eppes
Verified Purchase

Quick shipping . Excellent product!

Perfect! Just what I needed! Quick shipping . Arrived before Christmas even though I was a little late ordering g.

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