Lifeline Netting 24" - 32" in Height
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Lifeline Netting is a knotted safety line netting that can be used around your sailboat or powerboat to provide more security for family, friends, pets and equipment. This heavy-duty netting is constructed from Dupont #36 Twisted Nylon Twine and contains UV inhibitors to promote longer life and prevent rotting.

Please Note: Diamonds are 2-inch squares at the normal 24-inch height. However, if overall height is increased, the diamonds will become stretched more vertical in shape.

Ordering Information: Lifeline netting is measured and sold by its relaxed length. When the netting is installed and stretched, the length purchased will shrink by 35-75% - depending on the desired height. To accommodate for this, use the following equations when calculating the required length of netting to order for your application:

  • 24-inch Height Application:
    Length of desired netting x 1.35 = Actual required length of netting to order
  • 30-inch Height Application:
    Length of desired netting x 1.60 = Actual required length of netting to order
  • 32-inch Height Application:
    Length of desired netting x 1.75 = Actual required length of netting to order


Length to Cover 24-inch Height 30-inch Height 32-inch Height
10-feet 14' 16' 18'
20-feet 27' 32' 35'
40-feet 54' 64' 70'
60-feet 81' 96' 105'
80-feet 108' 128' 140'
100-feet 135' 160' 175'


Sale Unit: FT
Fabric Content: 100% Dupont #36 Twisted Nylon Twine
Color: White
Weight: 3.9 ounces per square yard
Special Features: Easy to Clean, Highly UV Resistant
Tear Strength: 350 lbs Minimum
Tensile Strength: 350 lbs Minimum
Opening Size: 2 inch square (at 24" height)
Height: 24-32 inches (8.5 diamonds)



Overall Rating : 4.45 20 Reviews

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Allan Bruno
Verified Purchase

Perfect.. second order

Effendy Hasim
Verified Purchase

Very good seller

Perfect product and fast delivery..!

James Turner
Verified Purchase

Good solid netting, doesn't fall apart at the ends making installation easy.

Jared Reeves
Verified Purchase

Works great and was very easy to install.

Jennifer Marshall
Verified Purchase

Great quality. Received it very quickly. Easy to order and it was easy to put up!

Catharine Baldwin
Verified Purchase

Haven't had a chance to install it across the bow on our Endeavor Cat 30. Need to take it down to anchor, which should be an easy fix...

Brad Luellen
Verified Purchase

Have received, great quality and shipped on a spool for easy installation.

John Brooks
Verified Purchase

Just as described perfect.

Mark Altman
Verified Purchase

Great product you can dye any color.

Exactly as described. We dyed it a beautiful blue with Rit dye. The net took the dye nicely and isn’t bleeding it off.

Justin Koritza
Verified Purchase

This product is worth every penny!

Compared to the netting from the big chain store (we bought it first and it was ripping from installing it, garbage), night and day difference in quality of materials. It is a pain to install, but with some patience it turns out really nice. If you are going to go through the effort of installing this, and it's not a one day project, it might as well be with quality netting that is going to last long enough to justify the time spent installing it. We find life is better on the boat with the netting. Less worries about our puppy or kitten falling off, less worries about random winds blowing things out of the cockpit, less worries about tools falling into the water. If you spend substantial time on your boat and have pets or children this product is a must.

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