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Hog ring pliers are a tool used to clamp together hog rings. Hog ring pliers are a fast and easy method of attaching or connecting various materials together. These hog ring pliers are spring loaded and have groove marks on the inside of the nose to hold the hog rings in place for easy installation. Hog rings and pliers are commonly used in upholstery, marine, automotive, gardening and outdoor uses.

Hog ring pliers are used in the marine industry to attach hog rings around a length of shock cord to create tethers and tie downs. Making custom length looped shock cords and bungee cords with hooks on each end allows you to secure stowed items onboard your vessel as well as securing reefed sails and for luff enforcement.

These hog ring pliers are curved, which helps to secure hog rings in tight places such as automotive upholstery applications. You can also use hog ring pliers to quickly attach sides of a plant cage or chicken wire to build a cage for housing plants in your vegetable garden. Repair a chain-link fence by connecting the broken links together with hog rings.

These hog ring pliers are suggested to be used with both hog rings for shock cord (non-sharp ends) and hog rings for upholstery (sharp-point ends). These pliers are compatible with hog rings that measure 1/4 inch to 1 inch in length before crimping.


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Using Hog Ring Pliers for Shock Cord Applications


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Dee Mientke
Verified Purchase

Work Great

Mike Comer
Verified Purchase

Purchased the inexpensive pair from HF, definitely did the job although this pair from Sailrite with the angled handle made it so much easier.

Elisabeth Deimling
Verified Purchase

How else would you put in hog rings? Works very well. Well constructed.

Brian Smith
Verified Purchase

The “best in class”

Robust enough for daily use and priced well enough for once in a while use. Quality tool that will stay in my tool kit forever.

Richard S
Verified Purchase

Handy and easy to use

The grooves in the tip are made so the hog ring is held in place while you line up the material you're joining, and the ring closes nicely every time

Kevin Pekkala
Verified Purchase

Pliers worked great

Henry Davids
Verified Purchase

Well built pair of pliers

Ray Alambeigi
Verified Purchase

good stuff

Sailrite support has reached out to this customer directly to resolve the issue or concern.

John Hearn
Verified Purchase

These are hog ring pliers. They work well... what more can be said.

Kam Dunn
Verified Purchase

Quality product

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