Sacrificial Sail Sun Cover Kit 60' - Sunbrella Standard Color
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Sew it yourself! Sacrificial Sail Sun Cover Kit 60’ contains everything needed to add a sacrificial sun cover to a furling sail. Protect with the best! Sunbrella® is the most popular choice for sacrificial sun covers for its unparalleled durability in sunlight.

The width of the sacrificial strip should span the exposed edge of the sail when rolled onto the forestay (add 6 inches for sloppy furling). If the sail is not available for measurement in its furled state, the table below can be used to determine width.


Boat LOA 20 Feet 25 Feet 35 Feet 45 Feet 50 Feet
Foot Width 10 Inches 14 Inches 14 Inches 18 Inches 20 Inches
Leech Width 14 Inches 18 Inches 20 Inches 24 Inches 26 Inches

Sacrificial Sail Sun Cover Kit 60’ Includes:

  • 9 yd. 46" Sunbrella Marine Grade Fabric—Select color from drop-down menu
  • 4 oz. V-92 White UV Polyester Thread
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Seamstick 3/8" Basting Tape
  • Sacrificial Sail Sun Cover & Luff Tape Conversion Kit Instructions
    • Required Tools (Not Included):

      • Sewing Machine
      • Scissors

      Reference end of instructional videos below for additional recommended items.

      Please note: This item is non-returnable.


      Max. Cover Length (Leech+Foot) Max. Panel Width Typical Boat LOA
      40 Feet 12 Inches 20 Feet
      50 Feet 16 Inches 25 Feet
      60 Feet 18 Inches 35 Feet
      70 Feet 20 Inches 40 Feet
      80 Feet 20 Inches 45 Feet
      90 Feet 24 Inches 50 Feet

      Select the proper kit by adding the sail's leech and foot edge dimensions.

Please Note: This kit contains items that are flammable. Flammable items can only be shipped Ground to the 48 contiguous United States. Kits shipped beyond this region will not contain spray adhesive and the price will be adjusted accordingly.


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Shipping Restrictions

Flammable items can ONLY be shipped Ground to the 48 contiguous United States.



Installing A Sacrificial Sail Cover With Sunbrella - Part 1

• Calculating Sunbrella width. • Determining the number of panels needed. • Cutting panels with a hot knife. • Finishing the leech edge. • Using spray adhesive to secure sacrificial panels prior to sewing. • Working around hardware or webbing at corners. • Sewing the panels to the sail. • Avoiding the leech lines when sewing.

Installing A Sacrificial Sail Cover With Sunbrella - Part 2

• Cutting relief notches. • Sewing the hem on the opposite side of the sail. • Working around corners. • Making room for the leech line. • Sewing panels to keep them flat. • A pocket over the leech line cleat.

Installing A Sacrificial Sail Cover With Sunbrella - Part 3

• Using a hotknife instead of sewing a double hem along the inner edge.


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Got a bigger kit than I needed but can use all products for other projects.

I purchased the 60' kit for a 30' Catalina to replace the dacron sacrificial cover. I got the Sunbrella in charcoal grey. I had more than enough fabric left over to make a few winch covers, lifeline covers, and a bag for the wooden slants. I also have a can of the spray adhesive left over as well. The instructions were pretty straight forward, however, I had the advantage of knowing the original dacron sacrificial cover size and basically just repeated those sizes rather than doing all the measurements and calculations. At the time, I was using a 1960's singer 327 sewing machine. Without a walking foot, it was hard to hold the fabric straight and push the fabric through the machine but I eventually finished with some not-so-straight stitching. There were some areas of the sail that were too thick for my machine and ended up getting a speedy stitcher to finish those. I now have a Sailrite LSZ-1 and think it would be an easier to accomplish this project using a Sailrite sewing machine instead.

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