30' UV Insignia Sun Cover Kit
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Sew it yourself! 30’ UV Insignia Sun Cover Kit contains everything needed to add a sacrificial sun cover to 30 feet of furling sail edge. Insignia UV Dacron® is a good choice for boats under 28 feet LOA, or where saving weight in favor of performance is a primary consideration.

The adhesive backing on the Dacron fabric secures the panels in place along the leech and foot edges of the sail to make sewing the panels to the sail easier. The 3-inch Dacron UV Tape finishes the raw edge of the panels and adds strength to the leech edge. The tape also covers up 3/4-inch of the leech edge so that the UV panels need not be perfectly flush with the edges of the sail.

To ensure proper coverage of the furled sail, we suggest that the width of the sacrificial strip panels equal the distance between the exposed edges of the sail when rolled onto the forestay, plus 4 inches.This measurement should be taken above the clew. Select the kit whose Max. Panel Width encompasses that measurement. It’s okay if the panel width is greater than your measurement; excess width isn’t a problem.

For example, if the distance between the furled sail edges is 5 inches, adding 4 inches for a total of 9-inch panels means you would order the 30’ Sun Cover Kit.

If the sail is not available for measurement in its furled state, the following formulas can be used to calculate an estimated width of panels required.

Note: These formulas require the luff length and luff perpendicular (LP). The LP line is perpendicular to the luff and intersects the clew.

  • To Calculate Foot Panel Width:
  • LP (ft.) / 6 = x
  • LUFF LENGTH (ft.) / x = FOOT PANEL WIDTH (in.)
  • To Calculate Leech Panel Width:
  • LP (ft.) / 8 = y
  • LUFF LENGTH (ft.) / y = LEECH PANEL WIDTH (in.)
  • Generally the leech panels will be wider than the foot panels, so choose your kit according to the wider measurement.

    Refer to the table below to order the correct kit. All measurements are approximate.

    Max. Cover Length* Max. Panel Width Typical Boat LOA
    Leech + Foot = ≤ 30 Feet 10 Inches ≤ 20 Feet
    Leech + Foot = ≤ 40 Feet 14 Inches ≤ 25 Feet
    Leech + Foot = ≤ 50 Feet 18 Inches ≤ 28 Feet

    *Max. Cover Length refers to the maximum amount of material coverage for both the leech and foot edges of the sail.

    30’ UV Insignia Sun Cover Kit Includes:

    • 11 yd. 10" Adhesive Backed UV Insignia Dacron®
    • 31 ft. Dacron® UV Tape 5 oz. White 3" (Not Adhesive Backed)
    • V-69 White UV Bonded Polyester Thread
    • Seamstick 3/8" Basting Tape For Sailmaking and Vinyl
    • Sacrificial Sail Sun Cover & Luff Tape Conversion Kit Instructions

    Sail Preparation Tip: For best adhesion, we recommended cleaning and rinsing the leech and foot edges of all sails with Iosso® Mold & Mildew Stain Remover.


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